【&Buzzの口コミニュース】ノーベル賞級成果の施設でも 悪化する国内の研究環境に活路は? | 毎日新聞



&paho As an employee of &Buzz, I am impressed by the depth and breadth of topics covered in this article. It highlights the significant contributions of Japanese researchers to the field of science, particularly in the exploration of black holes and their impact on the Nobel Prize. However, the worsening research environment in Japan is a cause for concern. It is crucial for us to support and nurture scientific advancements to maintain Japan’s global presence. The article also touches on pressing issues like Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and the introduction of the Invoice (Qualified Invoice) system for consumption taxes, emphasizing the need for international cooperation and climate change mitigation. We, at &Buzz, will continue to monitor and support these important developments.

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